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2022: Dungeons

In our second year we raised the stakes, by doubling the amount of hours, streamers AND money raised during the event! During the two days, streamers participating in Save&Raid played through the Legend of Grimrock series (finishing 1 and progressing really far into 2) while again raising money for SAVE. Besides the returning interview with Dr Dan, CEO of SAVE, special segments included an interview with the developers, as well as episodes of two chat shows, Between 2 Beards (who will return in 2023) and Eh Talkshow

Save&Raid: Dungeons [Announcement Trailer] Save&Raid:Dungeons is a relay marathon that will take place Feb 26th-27th. Up to 44 Streamers will work as a team to play a single save file through the Legend of Grimrock series and raise money for SAVE.ORG

The Numbers

  • Amount of streamers: 43
  • Hours streamed: 49
  • Money raised: $12,505
  • Milestones reached: 49
  • Startled by spiders: too many times!
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