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2023: Wastelands

The third iteration of Save&Raid and a lot of new things happened, both behind the scenes and in front of them. This was the first event we held after launching the website (this one, the one you're reading this on) and the first we planned with the site's participation portal. This required a lot more commitment from our (expanded) organizing team and from our participants. Everybody stepped up and absolutely crushed it by making it the most succesful event to date! We finished Fallout 1 and played a significant chunk of Fallout 2, while also hosting two episodes of Between 2 Beards and another vital interview segment with Dr Dan, Executive Director at SAVE. He issued his most exciting challenge yet, "raise at least $100 every hour until the end of the event and I'll match it," and we met that challenge head-on!

"Straight Outta Vault 13" A Save&Raid: Wastelands Rap by itzsaykridd and skepskepskep

A Fallout and Save&Raid inspired rap song written by skepskepskep and performed by itzsaykridd Save&Raid: Wastelands (2023) Creators: and Charity: Event:

The Numbers

  • Amount of streamers: 45
  • Hours streamed: 50
  • Money raised: $15,067.69
  • Milestones reached: 100
  • Radscorpions befriended: At least 1!
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