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2024: Follow the Freeman

The fourth iteration of Save&Raid was our most special event yet! For this event, organizers Bearded Bogle, LadyGameGa and SeekYeWisdom visited ArtyomHavok and likeanapple in their Vancouver home (from now on called the S&R HQ)! Even better, new SAVE Executive Director Erich Mische, and his Director of Programs Jen Owens, were also present at S&R HQ for our most succesful weekend ever!

For this event, which lasted 60 hours, we launched the Save&Raid chatbot, as well as our very own charity overlay solution. Fifty-nine streamers in total participated and everybody absolutely crushed it by making it the most succesful event to date! We finished Half-Life 1 and its two expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift, as well as Half-Life 2. Add to that another interview segment with Dr Dan, as well as an hour talking to the wonderful people from SAVE and it honestly starts to make sense that we raised over $25,000 to date!!!

Save&Raid: Follow The Freeman /darthvader [01] /artyomhavok [02] /beardedbogle [03]

Save&Raid: Follow The Freeman (2024) Half-Life (Series) Streamer: Streamer: Streamer: Charity: Event:

The Numbers

  • Amount of streamers: 59
  • Hours streamed: 62
  • Money raised: $26,185
  • Milestones reached: 168
  • Headcrabs hit with our trusty crowbar: so, so many!
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