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Join us for another livestream with SAVE!!!

January 23rd, 2024

The people at SAVE, the suicide prevention non-profit for which Save&Raid raises money during the event, are hosting another livestream with our organizing team! This upcoming Saturday, January 27, starting at 2pm PST* tune in to watch Erich Mische, Executive Director of SAVE, talk to Artyom Havok, Bearded Bogle, Radgryd, Ladygamega and Seekyewisdom as we discuss Save&Raid and its development so far. We will also look ahead at this year's event and discuss why it will be the best one yet!

Some of the topics we will be discussing:

  • How can people watch and where?
  • How can they donate?
  • How can they help promote Save&Raid before and during the event?
  • Why did we choose Half-Life?
  • Safe messaging during the event.
  • The purpose of the event.
  • And more!

Join us in the chat and ask as many questions as you want! You'll be able to watch on the following SAVE channels:

As well as

Please share this event with your own community so everyone can find out more about Save&Raid and the upcoming event! Tell your family, your grandma, tell your dog!!!


*Start time in other timezones: 4pm CST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET

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SlayerSuperShow Twitch profile image


January 26th, 2024

HYPE!! Love that 2024 is bringing us such a good lineup with awesome network of streamers on some great platforms like Twitch. And supporting such a need, congrats on HL 1 & 2 chosen for "Find the Freeman" campaign

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