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Missed our stream with SAVE? Watch the VOD!

January 28th, 2024

This past Saturday, Artyom Havok, Bearded Bogle, Radgryd, LadyGameGa and SeekYeWisdom from the Save&Raid organizing team talked to Erich Mische, Executive Director of SAVE, and Elise White, SAVE's Associate Director of Programs. They discussed the origin of the Save&Raid event and some of the ways in which planning it has changed over the years, as well as details about the upcoming Save&Raid: Follow the Freeman event that starts on Friday, February 23, at noon PST.

SAVE was very excited to share more about the new direction they are going with their efforts in suicide prevention, and Elise talked about their Green Bandana Project

If you missed the stream live, you can watch the recording here!

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