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More than $25,000 were raised during Save&Raid Follow The Freeman!

February 27th, 2024

More than $25,000 were raised during Save&Raid Follow The Freeman!



Exactly $25,125 as of this article. All of us here at Save&Raid could not be more proud of everyone who participated, viewed, donated, and volunteered to help in various ways. You all created one of the most memorable weekends in our lives. We smashed records in every metric we can think of; number of participants, views, games completed, money raised, head crabs crowbar’d!


All of us will be very busy next year fulfilling a record number of incentives and milestones! 


The Save&Raid staff will be taking a much needed break, as we have been going past 100% since November. When we return refreshed next week, we will begin post event work like sending everyone their information on incentives and milestones so they can begin fulfillment, working up our game poll so participants can give feedback on possible games for next year, grabbing vods to put on our Youtube, and full news article write-up with all those amazing numbers that everyone is excited to see. We will also be having a few meetings with various people like S&R staff, special projects teams, and the Hint-Line team. Matty and Stijn will also have a short meeting with the SAVE Board of Directors to talk about the event. Exciting stuff! 


Once again thank you everyone! I will also leave you with this wonderful video from Erich Mische of SAVE.


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