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Save&Raid: Follow The Freeman is only a few days away!

February 20th, 2024

Save&Raid begins at noon, Friday the 23rd of February in Pacific Standard Time. There are several special events before and during the event that you should be aware of. 

One of the Founders of S&R, ArtyomHavok, spent the last year creating a streamed LAN room for vintage computers on an old IPX network called the Quad_LAN. On Thursday the 22nd, there will be a special Quad_LAN stream on his channel featuring several S&R staff in person. BeardedBogle, LadyGameGa, ArtyomHavok, and participant SeanBeanland will be playing Classic Half-Life, Opposing Forces, and Counter-Strike Multiplayer for a few hours starting at 12pm PST. 

Even more exciting is that ArtyomHavok, LadyGameGa, and SeekYeWisdom have never met BeardedBogle in person before! Bogle will be arriving in the United States from The Netherlands on Wednesday, his airfare was a gift from SAVE to have the two meet in person for a watch party of this event! Watch party?! Yes, for the first time ever, many of the S&R staff, including LadyGameGa, SeekYeWisdom, BeardedBogle, likeanapple, and ArtyomHavok will be in the Havok house for a watch party. They will also be joined by Erich Mische and Jenn Owens from SAVE. By the way, Friday night is our official pizza party night at the watch party. Feel free to join in on that on your own of course!

When the event kicks off on Friday, the first 3 Hours will be at and will feature, for the first time ever, the Executive Director of SAVE, Erich Mische playing the opening of Half-Life before handing it off to ArtyomHavok and then BeardedBogle. It is going to be a legendary start! 

On Saturday there will be a talk with Dr. Daniel Reidenberg, the former Executive Director of SAVE, and friend of the S&R event. We will be discussing suicide prevention and mental health in the digital world as well as what he has been up to since leaving SAVE to pursue new venues for advocacy. 

On Sunday we will be having a Rectangle Table discussion with Erich Mische and Jen Owens, the Senior Program Manager at SAVE. We will be discussing the new direction of SAVE for 2024 and beyond!

Sunday night / Monday morning we will have an event wrap-up back at Havok’s channel to talk about all the cool stuff that happened over the weekend. Hopefully we can share some great clips from the weekend and look towards next year with an interesting poll for next year's game options. 

Don't forget you can use this website’s schedule to keep up with who is currently live. We also added a Search function on the Milestone and Incentive pages so you can search by streamer's names.


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